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Green Zebra Coffee Roasters Wholesale Beans

Green Zebra Coffee Roasters Wholesale Beans 

“Our vision: To partner together to add value to your business through supply of quality coffee”

We believe good coffee is key to business success. Some customers will travel to the end of the earth for a good cup and once found, will spread the word. Our endeavor is to help your business secure loyal, returning customers as well as creating new ones.

Benefits of partnering with Green Zebra Coffee Roasters (formerly Esprosini Boutique Roasters) are;

  • Bonus deals are offered for online ordering. In other words, we reward you for making processes and payments easier
  • Quality over quantity. We are a boutique coffee roaster with a hands on approach
  • We slow roast our single origin beans before combining to form our unique blends
  • Free Barista training is provided for our customers to guarantee the best results for our beans
  • Ongoing service support and auditing of espresso machinery is provided with recommendations for improvement

Our Step process to create coffee supply to your business is the following;

  • Appointment made to assess your business requirements and goals
  • We will bring some coffee blends or single origins along for taste testing and flavor profiling
  • Identification of your new, or current equipment needs assessed
  • Arrangement of a suitable espresso machine and grinder can be organized if required. This can be done on a contract basis or purchased outright. We need to make sure that your baristas are confident they can deliver a consistent product efficiently

Green Zebra Coffee Roasters “gets” coffee and we believe that coffee is as individual as you are and should be treated as such. Our slow roasting process coupled with roasting single origins separately before combining into blends, enhances the individual attributes of the beans.

  • We are particularly proud of our Latino Organic blend which won a medal at the Golden Bean Award in 2014. It rallied amongst stiff competition from other reputable roasters.
  • Our hands on approach allows us to adopt the method of allowing 5 days for degassing, which helps to reduce excess carbon dioxide before dispatch. This allows the natural coffee bean oils to settle, producing a healthy glossy appearance. This ensures our customers the perfect cup of coffee.

Contract roasting with your own label, is available for franchises and chains of organizations.

Talk to Mario or Robert regarding stipulations and needs. Contact us on 0409 552 488 or email [email protected]